Become An Eco Office

What is Eco Office?

Eco Office as a workplace that influence individual behaviors, attitudes and habits through green purchasing, green operation, and green engagement to allow employees work productively towards green economy growth.

Why become an Eco Office?

Everyone’s dream exercise regularly, seeing their family more often, eat better and work fewer hours. Greening the workplace may help you to achieve the above.

Who can apply to be an Eco Office?

Eco office project is suitable for all offices.

The Eco Office assessment process

- Self-evaluation checklist. (Please take your self-evaluation HERE)
- Assessment criteria.

How to get started?

The company which has interest on eco office can follow the step as follow:
  • Join the eco office initiative project, by register on line.
  • Do the self-evaluation checklist.
  • Get the result to know the level of the company’s green practices.
  • Proceed to do assessment, collect data and take necessary actions.
  • Check the company’s progress for continued improvement.
  • Provide the guideline for improvement.
  • Record data to monitor and evaluate the improvement.
  • Review the participating company and reward them accordingly.

Download brochure

click HERE to view or download the brochure.