Why Eco Office?

It is a new business strategy to bring good business insight and discipline to the workplace processes. We believe it is the way to help your organization to turn green.

Why do we take part in CSR (Green Engagement)?

The more we leveraged our business resources to deliver social value to the communities around us, the more engaged our employees became and the better we performed in the marketplace (Conant. D, 2013)

When is the right time to join Eco Office Initiative Project?

When you are invited, one can register online after the launching of the project website at www.ecooffice.my

Why promoting Eco Office Initiative Project?

It is a voluntary collaboration based project. No one should join a collaboration just for PR reasons, publicity and progress can go hand in hand. Attention can bring more support, add credibility and generate momentum (Albani. M and Henderson. K, 2014)